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Alsagoff Qiyamulail

Alhamdulillah, after 2 years of having qiyamullail through Zoom, this year, the ARK Department has collaborated with ITFAS to the hold the programme’s Day 1 in school on Zoom for its 2nd day. The theme for this year's qiyamullail is "Blessings In Disguise".

The Day 1 began with an ice breaking session, followed by a mini forum on being grateful, anchored by our alumni, Ustazah Hanisah Aznim and Ustazah Adilah Watib. The day’s programme ended at 8.00 pm after our Maghrib prayers, which we performed together at our New Multi Purpose Hall. The second day programme began with the home-based qiyamullail prayers, at 4.00 am on Zoom We then recited the wirdul lathif and Surah Yasin, and had a morning tausiyah on nenewing our Niah, delivered by our alumni, Ustazah Aishah Bahrul Ulum.

Alhamdulillah it was a blessing for us to hold the qiyamullail back in school, even though it was just for a section of the programme. We pray that everything will be back to normal, in the near future, insyaAllah.

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