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Iftar Jama'ie 1444H/2023

Updated: May 4, 2023

Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah held an event during the holy month of Ramadan called Iftar Jama’ie on the 31st of March. The secondary students who stayed in school had usrah and qasidah led by the DPI students to fill their time beneficially. Not only were students present, parents were also invited to join the blessed event. Dates and bottles of water were distributed to the guests to break their fast. The event started off with Maghrib Prayer, followed by iftar , Isha’ prayer then terawih. The male guests enjoyed their time there up til Maghrib and feasted in a separate classroom. Then they headed to the nearby mosque to perform Isya' and tarawih prayers.

قد أقامت مدرسة السقاف بإفطار جماعي في ٩ من رمضان. و كان الوالدان مدعوين لهذا الإفطار. والطالبات في مرحلة الثانوية قد ساعدن في إعداد الإفطار للمسلمات في القاعة وأيضا وزعت بعض الطالبات التمور والمياه لهؤلاء الضيوف.

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