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Visitors - Sekolah Sri
Seremban Malaysia

Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah, warmly welcomed its special visitors from Sekolah Sri Seremban Malaysia for their Educational Tour to the school. The delegation was led by its teachers, Mrs Akhairany binti Mohd Tahir, Miss Nur Syazwani binti Shaaban and Miss Nur Ayuni binti Mohd Paiz.


It was a well-organised, informative and enriching learning experience for both the visitors and host. The visitors got to know more about our Madrasah and its curriculum, they hope to collaborate more with our Madrasah on our teaching methodology in using technology in teaching of the Arabic Language.


Highlights of the visits:

- 18 Female Primary 6 students formed the main part of the delegation.

- The visiting students performed choral speaking & our students performed Qasidah.

- Sharing session by our Madrasah teachers on our Arabic Language syllabus.

- Keen interest was shown by the visitors wanting to know more about the Ipad used in the Madrasah teaching of the various subjects.

- Visiting students joined some lessons conducted in the classes to gain some experience in using the Ipad for learning.


Looking forward to more collaborations and exchange programmes with our

esteemed guests.

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