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Syawal Reflection

Updated: May 8

The month of Syawal is leaving us soon and what can we reflect from it?

We know that it is the month where Muslims celebrate to rejoice in the form of act of worship after fasting during Ramadan. The most important day of Syawal is the first day as Eid al-Fitr falls on that day. Fasting is prohibited on the first day of Syawal. After the first day of Syawal, we are recommended to continue the six days of fasting. Fasting during these days is equivalent to fasting for the whole year. We learnt that all the good deeds that we have done in Ramadan should be continued throughout the year.

Other than that, we gained understanding in the importance of strengthening silaturrahim, the bondage among families and friends. Being able to celebrate Eid with our family, relatives and friends is a reason enough for us to be thankful. Eventually, we also learnt to be more appreciative and thankful (syukr) for all the blessings in our lives.

يذكر أنه يجب على المرء أن يرتدي أفضل ملابسه في اليوم الأول من شَوَّالٍ، العيد، لأنه يعتبر رمزا للبدايات الجديدة والنقاء وتجديد الإيمان، فضلا عن كونه وسيلة للتعبير عن الفرح والامتنان. قال صلّى اللَّهُ عليه وسلّم: [من صَامَ رَمَضَانَ ثُمَّ أَتْبَعَهُ بست من شَوَّالٍ كان كَصِيَامِ الدَّهْرِ] (رَوَاهُ مُسْلِمٌ)

“Whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan and then follows it with six days of fasting in the month of Syawal, it will be as if he has fasted for the entire year.” [Hadith Muslim]

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