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Weekly Qasidah with DPI Students

Updated: May 4

On 9 February, the Diploma students in Alsagoff organised a Qasidah programme that occurs every Thursday that involves Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 from 3:45 p.m to 4:15 p.m. This Qasidah session is to instil the love for the Prophet ﷺ in students while they enjoy singing the melodic verses of the Qasidah. Reading, singing, & reciting the Qasidah is a means for us to strengthen one's love for the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ & connection to him. In addition, the connection to the Prophet ﷺ is, of course, one of the best means of seeking forgiveness, mercy, & pleasure of Allah, the Most High.

كانت الطالبات من مرحلة الدبلوم قد نظّمت برنامج القصيدة للفصول الثانوية. فالغرض منه لكي تعرف الطالبات كيفية مدح الرسول ﷺ وإظهار حبهن للنبي ﷺ.

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